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Rules of The Library
(For Student)

1.  All the students must be the member of the library i.e they should have the LIBRARY CARD.

2.  The Library remains open from 10.30a.m -5p.m.

               Library Hours       Monday-friday         Saturday
          LENDING SERVICE      10.30A.M- 5P.M     10.30A.M- 1.30P.M
          REFERENCE SERVICE       10.30A.M- 5P.M      10.30A.M- 1.30P.M

3.  Honours students can borrow4 books , General students can borrow 2 books at a time.

4.  The books are issued for 15days . if required , books can be renewed for another 7 days . A fine of 50 paise per day will be charged if      books are not returned within due date.

5. From Monday to Friday for borrowing the books to home students submitting the requisition slip between 10.30A.M – 12.30 P.M can borrow the book from 1.30P.M – 4.30 P.M. 
Students who will submit the requisition slip between 12.30P.M.- 2 P.M. can borrow the book from 3.30P.M. - 4.30 P.M. For borrowing the books on Saturday students have to deposit the requisition slip from 10.30A .M- 12noon.
The books will be issued from 12.45 P.M -1.30 P.M.
No book will be issued or returned during the recess hour i.e 2P.M. – 2.30 P.M.
The time for returning the book : 10.30 A.M. – 1P.M.

6. All the questions would be supplied according to the following schedule from 3 P.M.- 4.30 P.M.
1st year – Monday & Wednesday
2nd year - Tuesday & Friday
3rd year - Wednesday & Thursday

7. Reference Service will be available upto 5p.m.

8. For 1styear,2nd year & 3rd year students library books must be returned by the time of getting Admit card for PART- I, PART-II & PART- III examination respectively.

9. For losing the Library Card Rs.5/- will be charged for each card.

10. If a book is lost that should be returned by purchasing the book if it is available in the market. In the case of out-of print book, minimum double of the printed price has to be paid.

11. Readers should observe strict silence & switch off their Mobile phones in the Library premises. 

12. Eating,sleeping are not allowed in the Library. 

13. Please ask for the password from Library staff in the specified browsing zone for gaining access to the e-books & e-journals.









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